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Can I Keep A Angelfish With Betta Fish in the USA

Keeping angelfish and bettas together is going to be extremely risky, and it’s not recommended. If you are going to introduce the two fish together keep an eye on them and be prepared to move your betta to another tank if you see aggression. Angelfish are naturally aggressive and territorial just like bettas. Will a…

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Can Clawed Frogs Live With Fish in the USA

The Dwarf African Clawed Frogs are completely aquatic and will live their whole lives underwa- ter, swimming to the surface for air. Dwarf African Clawed Frogs can also be housed with fish; however the fish might be eaten if they are less than 1″. What kind of fish can live with African clawed frogs? Clawed…

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Can I Put A Cleaner Fish In My Turtle Tank

But working in a turtle tank is a dangerous job for a fish because your turtle may eat them! So unless you’re willing to take a chance that your working fish may become turtle food, don’t add them to the tank. Be careful about which fish you add: Otos, plecos, and zebra fish are probably…

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Can Ghost Shrimp Eat Fish Poop in the USA

Ghost shrimps are known to eat fish poop that’s lying around at the bottom of the tank. However, fish poop isn’t a part of their natural diet in the wild. Thus, they won’t devour fish waste as they’d do on algae or decaying creatures. Do shrimp eat other fishes poop? Shrimps do not consume feces….

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Can Black Ghost Knife Fish Live With Oscar in the USA

Can knife fish live with Oscar? The black ghost knife fish are semi-aggressive fish that would make good tank partners for the Oscar fish. They can grow to about 20 inches in size and can live to up to 15 years if cared for properly. What fish can live with black ghost knives? The perfect…

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Can I Put 2 Betta Fish In A 5-Gallon Aquarium

Can 2 bettas live in 5 gallon tank? Ideally, the minimum tank size we would recommend for a group of four to six female bettas is 10 gallons, although two female bettas will do fine in a 5-gallon setup. Female bettas can do well in a peaceful community tank, too, but you’ll need more space…

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Can Green Spotted Puffer Fish Eat River Shrimp in the USA

<Some marine aquarium shops sell native shrimps from the Thames Estuary and elsewhere called ‘river shrimp’ and these make good food for brackish water puffers. Will Green spotted puffer eat shrimp? Looks like a Green Spotted Puffer to me. If it is, then yes, they are aggressive and will eat shrimp. Sorry for your loss….

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Can Give Betta Gold Fish Flakes in the USA

The simple answer to this question is yes, betta fish can eat and digest goldfish food. Goldfish food is often made of flakes deriving from vegetables and fruit, which makes them low in protein and high in carbohydrates. While this is perfect for a goldfish, a betta fish is much pickier in its food choices!….

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Can Betta Fish Live With Platy in the USA

In most cases, it will be fine for your betta to live with platies. However, the bottom line is that it’s going to depend on your betta and how aggressive they are. If you think that your betta has the right personality then platies can be a great choice. What fish can live with platy?…

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Can Betta Fish Live With Pictus Catfish in the USA

Can a catfish and betta live together? Cory catfish make great tank mates with betta fish, male or female. They are a calm and peaceful fish, which will encourage that behavior in your betta. What fish can live with a Pictus catfish? Although, Pictus Catfish are not aggressive they tend to chaise smaller fish to…