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Can Ghost Shrimp Eat Fish Poop in the USA

Ghost shrimps are known to eat fish poop that’s lying around at the bottom of the tank. However, fish poop isn’t a part of their natural diet in the wild. Thus, they won’t devour fish waste as they’d do on algae or decaying creatures. Do shrimp eat other fishes poop? Shrimps do not consume feces….

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Are There Undiscovered Fish in the USA

Most of the world’s species remain undiscovered by science. There may be a dozen or so left that as yet are unknown to science. Most of the fish and reptiles are already identified, but there remain several thousand more left to find. How many fish have not been discovered? Summary: An estimated 5,000 previously unknown…

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Can Fiddler Crabs Live With Other Fish in the USA

First thing first, they’ll add a few splashes of color to your fiddler crab aquarium. They are peaceful and can be kept with other peaceful communities, and also get along well with a large variety of non-fish animals, such as Ghost Shrimp, or African Dwarf Frogs. Can I keep fiddler crabs with fish? Unlike land…


Are There Parts Of The Ocean Without Fish in the USA

Ocean ‘Dead Zones:’ Why There Are Some Parts Of The Atlantic Where Marine Life Can’t Survive. Some areas of the ocean are so hostile to marine life that they’re virtually uninhabitable. These so-called dead zones contain little to no oxygen, meaning any fish that enter would likely suffocate and die. Is there a part of…

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Are Vampire Fish Edible in the USA

Can I eat vampire fish? Some villages in South America will hunt payaras for food. They’re large fish with a lot of meat on their bones, so it’s worth the trouble of catching them. Do vampire fish eat humans? Also known as the vampire fish, the eel-like species are a nuisance, according to the Vermont…

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Can A Wiccan Fish in the USA

Can witches fish? Witches love fishing and the odds are good that you are sharing your favorite run with at least one witch. Who knows, it may be the guy fishing right next to you, or even your fishing buddy. How do you cook witches? Witch can be cooked in exactly the same way as…

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What Area Did Twd Use For The Boat Fishing Scene in the USA

Where is the filming location for Oceanside in the walking dead? It might not be expected to be used for scenes about a zombie apocalypse, but Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island was used as one of the filming locations for The Walking Dead. Driftwood Beach is first seen on the show when the character Tara…