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Can Croaker Fish Be Used As Bait in the USA

Live croakers are an excellent live bait to fish with because they don’t appeal to trash fish like hardhead catfish, are too big for throwbacks and tend to stay on the hook better. Big speckled trout like this one can’t resist the smell, sound and action of a live croaker. Can you use croaker as…

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Can I Put A Cleaner Fish In My Turtle Tank

But working in a turtle tank is a dangerous job for a fish because your turtle may eat them! So unless you’re willing to take a chance that your working fish may become turtle food, don’t add them to the tank. Be careful about which fish you add: Otos, plecos, and zebra fish are probably…

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Can Angel Fish Live With Other Fish If Theyre Bigger in the USA

So tiny 1 inch (2.5 centimeter) fish will end up being snacks when your angelfish become adults. It’s best to go with fish that are at least 2 inches (5 centimeters) long. On the flipside, you also don’t want to put angelfish in with big whoppers like jaguar cichlids, Oscars or redhead cichlids. What big…

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Can Betta Fish Eat Stink Bug in the USA

Can fish eat stink bugs? Unfortunate to find themselves floating on top of a creek or a pond, stinkbugs will not be eaten by fish! While fish eat caterpillars, crickets, ants, and flies that find their way to the water, most fish will spit out the average stink bug. 7. Can betta fish eat ladybugs?…

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Are There Fish In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean

Pelagic fish live in the pelagic zone of ocean or lake waters – being neither close to the bottom nor near the shore – in contrast with demersal fish that do live on or near the bottom, and reef fish that are associated with coral reefs.Forage fish. predator tuna billfish shark forage herring sardine anchovy…

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Are There Sail Fish In New Jersey

According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, a new state record sailfish was taken from Linden Kohl Canyon on September 18. Dr. Atlantic sailfish are found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. What fish can you find in New Jersey? What to Catch in New Jersey Trout….

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Can I Fish Shark In Texas In February

Is shark fishing good in winter? Tiger Sharks and Sandbar Sharks are prevalent as well. The best bait to use during the winter time would be Bonita, Ray’s, and King Mackerel. During Winter Shark Fishing Trips please keep in mind: The beaches will be less crowded during the winter months, so this makes it the…

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Are Warmouth Good Eating Fish in the USA

Warmouth are members of the sunfish family, which includes the largemouth bass. Because warmouth hit hard and are easily caught, they are popular with some anglers. They are good to eat when caught in clean water, but because they are bottom-feeders like catfish, the flesh can have a strong flavor. Does Warmouth taste good? They…

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Are There Fish In Natural Springs Florida

Any saltwater fish?” This is from the parks website; Within the recreation area, a natural spring rises from cracks deep within the earth. there are many species of saltwater fish’Ladyfish’,striped bass,needlefish,ribbonfish,sea robins,blue crab,the list is endless. Are there fish in the Florida springs? Thus, these springs harbor many species of fish (including the mullets, stingrays,…