Why Should I Use A Spinning Rod For Finesse Fishing in the USA

What type of rod is best for finesse fishing?

My rod choices for finesse fishing range from 6- to 6-foot, 9-inch spinning rods in medium-light to medium action. I prefer spinning reels in the 2500 or 3000 size spools because the line flies off the spool easier and twists less than it does on smaller spools.

What is a finesse fishing rod?

Many fishermen tend to lump all finesse fishing rods into the same category — whippy spinning rods suitable only for fishing tiny baits with light lines — but let me tell you, finesse fishing rods are every bit as specialized as the baitcasters you use for crankbaits and jigs.

What do you use spinning rods for?

Conventional spinning gear offers several advantages over baitcasting gear, especially in the realm of light tackle fishing. 1) For starters, spinning tackle can throw lighter lures farther. From weightless baits to lures up to a 1/4 of an ounce, a spinning rod and reel is hard to beat for distance.

What are the advantages of a spinning reel?

Spinning Reel Pros Higher quality. Reel position at the bottom of the rod creates better balance. More control over casting distance and speed. More control over drag. Ideal for placing in a rod holder (set and forget) Lower cost than a baitcaster reel.

What are finesse fishing techniques?

Yes, finesse fishing generally means using spinning rods, lighter lines, and smaller lures, but it’s also much, much more than that. For example, you can finesse a big crankbait, spinnerbait, jerkbait and any other “power fishing” lure.

What gear ratio is best for fishing?

Best Gear Ratio For All Around Fishing The goal is to find the gear-ratio-of-best-fit that can accommodate a large variety of fishing methods. For this, we recommend using a slow to medium gear ratio from 4.9:1 to 6:1 for all-around fishing like those found in our fishing combos.

When should you finesse fish?

The big question still up in the air is – when should you finesse fish for Bass? This technique works best when the fish aren’t biting, so that would usually be when a cold front passes through.

What gear ratio is best for bass fishing?

Reels with a gear ratio in the neighborhood of 6:1 are your workhorses. They get the bulk of the duty with most bass fishing applications, and in a pinch you could do the things best served by slower or faster reels by cranking slower or faster.

What action is best for bass?

For bass fishing, a medium-heavy is one of the most versatile options you can choose. A standard medium also works well for a variety of fishing techniques and a medium-light spinning rod is an excellent option for lighter lures, while still having enough power to land bigger fish.

Can you catch bass with a spinning rod?

Ideal line setup for bass fishing with a spinning rod You can readily use any of the 3 types of fishing line (monofilament, braid, or fluorocarbon) on a spinning rod. That’s why you need to tie it to a fluorocarbon leader to avoid bass spotting your line.

Is a spinning reel good for bass?

The answer is simple: they’re dependable, versatile, affordable, and easy to use! Spinning reels have a lot of advantages, especially for hobbyists or new bass fishermen. They provide a solid and dependable drag system, they’re easy to learn how to use and are often relatively inexpensive.

Are spinning reels easy to use?

Conclusion. To sum up, spinner reels are the most popular and most versatile of all types of fishing reels. They are easy to use, and can be adapted for the majority of applications, which is ideal for beginners.

When should you use a spinning rod for bass fishing?

The rule of thumb I follow is to use spinning reels when I need to fish with light line (8-pound test or less) and switch to a baitcaster for fishing with heavy line (10-pound test or more).

Which is better a baitcaster or a spinning reel?

Baitcast reels can handle heavier line and actually allow for longer casts than spinning gear in the same size range. A small spinning reel has a smaller, more narrow spool, which has a hard time with large diameter lines. Small baitcast reels can handle these lines and provide greater casting distance.

What is the best rod length for bass fishing?

The recommended size would be from 7- to 8-feet long (many tournament circuits do not allow bass fishing rods longer than 8-feet). A good choice would be a 7 1/2-foot rod because it is a little easier to pitch the baits.

What do fishing reel gear ratios mean?

Gear ratios determine the speed at which a reel picks up line. Fishing reels with a gear ratio of 6.3:1 means the spool rotates 6.3 times for every 360-degree turn of the reel handle. Baitcast reels offer a wider range of gear ratios than spinning models for spinning rods.

How do I choose the right gear ratio?

The conventional procedure for selecting gear ratios is to pick ratios that run the engine rpm to redline at the end of the medium and longest straights, and pick the lower gear ratios to minimize the rev drop at each shift. This method minimizes the number of shifts per lap.

What is a low gear ratio reel good for?

Low gear ratio reel | 5.1:1 thru 5.4:1 A lower fishing gear ratio reel is ideal for big baits that pull a lot, such as deep crankbaits. These reels are also great for slow rolling big, heavy baits such as spinnerbaits and swimbaits.

Is braid good for finesse fishing?

The strength of braid is obviously a critical factor among the pros. The fact that you can keep a small diameter and have increased breaking strength opens up a lot of great options for finesse fishing.

How do you use finesse?

Examples of finesse in a Sentence Verb He managed to finesse a deal through bargaining. She is just trying to finesse the issue.

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