How To Use Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector in the USA

How do you use a gold metal detector?

Tune and ground balance your detector according to the instructions for your machine. Do this regularly while detecting to adjust to different ground conditions, Use the coils appropriate to the ground conditions, size of gold or depth of gold you are seeking. Use a slow sweep speed about 4 seconds from side to side.

Can the Gold Bug 2 find coins?

Although the Gold Bug 2 was built with 1990s technology, Martinez trusts it not to miss small nuggets. “It just works. You can definitely tell there is a nugget under your coil. It’s a smooth-running machine, easy to operate, and it definitely finds the gold.

What is the difference between the gold bug and Gold Bug Pro?

The Differences between the Gold Bug & Gold Bug Pro The only visible difference between these two detectors (aside from the name) is an option to manually adjust the ground balance. On the Gold Bug, this only adjusts the discrimination levels, but on the Gold Bug Pro it has the added feature of manual ground balance.

Is the Fisher gold Bug 2 waterproof?

The detector for finding the tiniest gold nuggets The Gold Bug 2 also features iron discrimination, is dust and moisture resistant, has audio-boost and can operate in any type of soil with the choice of three mineralization modes.

How do you ground balance on Gold Bug Pro?

Ground Balance You ground balance the Gold Bug Pro similar to how you do with most detectors. Press the Ground Grab button (GG) in the center of the display and hold it down while pumping the coil over the ground. Look at the ground balance number on the LCD display and pump the coil until the number levels out.

Which gold detector is the best?

The best overall gold metal detector on the market today is the Minelab CTX-3030. This detector is loaded with all of the features that are important for finding gold. The CTX can run in virtually any ground mineralization environment, thanks to its excellent ground balancing features.

How does gold show up on a metal detector?

Pulse induction technology works by using one coil that acts as both the receiver and the transmitter. This coil sends electricity down into the ground which creates a magnetic field. When these pulses hit a metal object, or in this case gold, the detector will then pick up that signal and alert the user.

Is it hard to find metal with a gold detector?

For instance, all metal detectors will find gold but there are different types made that are more sensitive to and specifically for gold. So, if you are solely interested in locating gold jewelry, you will want to select a detector made specifically for this purpose. Some metal detectors are water proof.

What frequency is a gold bug 2?

The detector for finding the tiniest gold nuggets The Gold Bug 2 offers extraordinary sensitivity; at 71 kHz it features very high operating frequency.

Is the Fisher Gold Bug Pro waterproof?

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector is designed to find the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils. This model ships standard with a waterproof 5″ DD search coil. This prospecting metal detector offers a high frequency that’s perfect for finding the tiniest of gold nuggets.

Who makes gold bug 2?

The Gold Bug 2 is produced in El Paso, TX by Fisher Labs. It is based on the classic Gold Bug design, which has been perfected over many years. It operates at an ultra high frequency of 71 kHz, which is the highest operating frequency on the market.

How deep can a gold detector detect?

In ideal conditions, a mid-range metal detector can reach 12-18ʺ (30-45 cm) underground. Some specialized detectors can go as deep as 65′ (20 m). The specific depth depends on the type of detector you’re using, and the sort of object you’re trying to detect. And other factors, like the minerals in the soil.

What are the signs of gold in the ground?

Lighter Colored Rocks: If you notice out-of-place colors in a group of rock formations, it can be a gold indicator. Acidic mineral solutions in gold areas can bleach the rocks to a lighter color. Presence of Quartz: Quartz is a common indicator that gold MAY be nearby.

Is there a difference between a metal detector and a gold detector?

Gold is a metal, so a Metal Detector is capable of finding gold, and vice-versa, a Gold Detector is also capable of detecting various metals. Compared to other metals, gold has low conductive properties which means a detector that operates at a higher frequency will perform better.

What is the best frequency for detecting gold?

Targeted Treasure Best Frequency Silver/Copper/Brass 3 kHz – 7 kHz GOLD 14 kHz + Iron/Ferrous Metals 10 kHz + Zinc/Cobalt/Stainless 9-10 kHz.

What’s the easiest way to find gold?

Below are 5 different ways that you can find gold nuggets. Pan for Gold in a Creek or River. Everyone knows that gold nuggets can be found in creeks and rivers. Use a Metal Detector near an Old Mine. Snipe for Gold in Bedrock Cracks. Drywash for Gold Deposits in the Desert. Suction Dredging in a River.

How do you use a metal detector for beginners?

Tips on How to Use Your Metal Detector | Beginners Guide to Metal Detecting Understand the Metal Detector Properly. Start Searching Once You’re in an Ideal Location. Move Slowly. When You Get a Good Signal, Start Digging a Plug. Put Your Findings in a Pack or Pouch. Continue Hunting.

How do I set my metal detector?

Metal detectors use two different types of frequencies: Very Low Frequency (VLF) and Pulse Induction (PI). Very Low Frequency (VLF) Pulse Induction (PI) Turn Up the Sensitivity Setting. Swing Closer to the Ground. Reduce Discrimination Setting. Know Your Detector’s Settings. Try Different Swing Speeds. Use Headphones.

What do the different beeps on a metal detector mean?

You will learn which sounds indicate a valuable metal and which not. Valuable metals like gold or silver will probably make a high pitch beep on your metal detector, low value metals like iron will make a dull beep. You can even “screen out” certain metals so you will only hear a sound when a valuable metal is located.

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