How Much Sodium Is In An Arby’s Fish Sandwich

Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 sandwich Saturated Fat 4.0g 20% Trans Fat 0.0g Cholesterol 45mg 15% Sodium 990mg 41%.

How much sodium is in a fish sandwich?

Now for the results. Calories Sodium (mg) Fish Sandwich McDonalds (No tartar sauce) 290 530 Wendy’s (No tartar sauce) 390 820 Burger King w/tomato (No tartar sauce) 470 1320 Jack in the Box 466 1033.

How much sodium is in a Wendy’s fish sandwich?

Wendy’s North Pacific Cod Sandwich Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 fish sandwich Sodium 990mg 41% Total Carbohydrates 46g 15% Dietary Fiber 3g 12% Sugars 5g.

How much sodium is in Arby’s sandwiches?

Arby’s: Poor Bet It all adds up to 810 calories, 35 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, and a shocking 2,420 milligrams of sodium.

What kind of fish is Arby’s fish sandwich made of?

The Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich features wild-caught Alaskan Pollock, crispy-fried to golden-brown perfection with tartar sauce and iceberg lettuce, topped with a sesame seed bun.

Who has the healthiest fish sandwich?

Here are some examples of the sandwiches available. Popeyes Catfish Po’ Boy. Calories: 800. Fat: 50 g. Cholesterol: 75 mg. Captain D’s Wild Alaskan Salmon. Calories: 116. Fat: 1 g. Cholesterol: 46 mg. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. Calories: 380. Fat: 18 g. Burger King BK Big Fish without Tartar Sauce. Calories: 410. Fat: 12 g.

How much sodium is in Arby’s roast beef sandwich?

Nutrition Facts Calories 360 (1506 kJ) Sodium 970 mg 40% Total Carbohydrate 37 g 12% Dietary Fiber 2 g 8% Sugars 5 g.

Who has the best fast food fish sandwich 2021?

The Best Fast Food Fish Sandwiches, Ranked Arby’s: Crispy Fish Sandwich. Checkers: Crispy Fish Sandwich. Culver’s: North Atlantic Cod Filet Sandwich. Jack in the Box: Fish Sandwich. Whataburger: Whatacatch. Long John Silver’s: Wild Alaska Pollock Sandwich. Popeyes: Cajun Flounder Sandwich.

Does Burger King serve fish sandwiches?

According to Burger King, the Big Fish Sandwich consists of a White Alaskan Pollock fillet breaded with panko breadcrumbs and topped with iceberg lettuce, sweet tartar sauce, and pickles. The tartar sauce and pickles round out the sandwich, adding both sweet and sour notes for a balance of flavors.

How many calories are in a panko fish sandwich from Wendy’s?

Wendy’s Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 sandwich Calories 520 Calories From Fat 225 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value* Total Fat 25g 38%.

Which Arby’s sandwich has the least sodium?

Roast Turkey Slider Slices of turkey and cheese are all that’s included on the small slider bun, which means the sandwich is also low in calories and sodium compared to other menu items.

What is the healthiest sandwich at Arby’s?

Best: Classic Roast Beef One of the healthier sandwiches you can order off the menu is Arby’s classic roast beef. At just 360 calories, this sandwich has half of the calories and only about a quarter of the sodium that the half-pound French dip with Swiss and au jus has. When in doubt, stick to the classics.

How much sodium is in Arby’s beef and cheddar?

Better–Beef ‘n’ cheddar (regular): At its classic serving size with one slice of cheese, this item clocks in at 440 calories, 1,290 milligrams of sodium, and 18 grams of fat.

Are Arby’s fish sandwiches any good?

If you’re looking for a meat alternative at a fast-food restaurant, Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich is an excellent choice. It’s filling and tasty and has just the right amount of crisp to its bite.

Is arbys fish sandwich real fish?

Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich The wild-caught Alaskan Pollock sandwich from Arby’s is described as being “crispy-fried to golden-brown perfection.” So you already know anything that is breaded and fried up is going to be trouble. This sandwich is proof, as it contains more than 900 milligrams of sodium.

How bad is a filet-o-fish for you?

Aside from the fact that the Filet-O-Fish is probably old (if you don’t ask for it made it order), it’s also wildly unhealthy. For a small sandwich, it contains a ton of fat, calories, and artificial ingredients (410 calories, 20 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, and 660 milligrams of salt).

Is Mcdonalds Filet-O-Fish real fish?

In the U.S., Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are made with 100% wild-caught Alaska Pollock that’s also always sustainably sourced.

Who has the best fish sandwich 2020?

Culver’s Northwoods Walleye Sandwich. Dairy Queen Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich. White Castle Panko Breaded Fish Slider. Long John Silver’s Classic Battered Alaskan Pollock Sandwich. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich. Burger King Big Fish. Wendy’s Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich.

Which Subway sandwich has the lowest sodium?

The best option in this category is their Veggie Delight at 280 mg. If you wish to have a meat choice in this category, the next best option is the chicken breast that comes in at 610 mg. Black Forest Ham or their Club are the worst at 800 mg.

How much sodium is in Arby’s gyro?

Nutrition Facts Calories 710 (2971 kJ) Sodium 1360 mg 57% Total Carbohydrate 55 g 18% Dietary Fiber 4 g 16% Sugars 6 g.

What meat has lowest sodium?

Low-sodium, kidney-friendly meats, poultry, seafood and dairy Food type Average sodium amount per serving Beef, no added salt 45-65 mg (3 ounces) Chicken, skinless and grilled, no added salt 20-80 mg (3 ounces) Egg whites, cooked 55 mg (large) Fish (catfish, cod, crab, halibut, shrimp, tuna) 40-200 mg (3 ounces).

Is Popeyes fish sandwich healthy?

Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich Items that are battered, fried, and crispy will deliver high amounts of saturated fat and sodium.” To make this one a little more healthy, consider getting the bun without butter and asking for the tartar sauce on the side so you’re able to control how much is on the sandwich.

Is Popeyes flounder sandwich real flounder?

Is the Popeyes new fish sandwich any good? Verdict: yes. The sandwich consists of a brioche bun, deep-fried flounder filet, pickles and tartar sauce. The glossy brioche bun has a touch of sweetness and both the top and bottom are slathered with rich, tangy tartar sauce.

Does Wendy’s have a fish sandwich 2021?

Wendy’s is celebrating the 2021 seafood season with the arrival of the new Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich – made with wild-caught Alaska pollock. You can find the new Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich at participating Wendy’s locations nationwide for a suggested price of $4.19 through the 2021 seafood season.

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