How Much Fish Vietnam Exports To China In 2014

Vietnam’s seafood export value to China rose from about US$400 million in 2014 to $1.8 billion in 2017, helping China surpass the US to become the country’s biggest seafood importer.

How much trade does Vietnam do with China?

In 2000, Vietnam imported US$600 million of capital goods from China, accounting for 42.85 percent of all imports from the latter. By 2014, that figure had climbed to US$20.19 billion, 33 times higher than in 2000 and accounting for 46.25 percent of Vietnam’s total imports from China.

Where does Vietnam export fish to?

Meanwhile exports of pangasius to markets including Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Thailand, the Netherlands, Colombia and Russia has showed triple-digit increases, compensating for a decrease in the Chinese market, although the latter remained the biggest importer of the fish, accounting for 26 percent of the total.

What fish is exported from Vietnam?

Shrimp, striped catfish and hard clams are the most important and leading products in seafood export structure of Vietnam. The main export markets of Vietnam’s fishery products include the United States, Japan, the European Union, Russia, and other Asian countries.

What is Vietnam’s major exports?

Vietnam main exports are: telephones, mobile phones and parts thereof (21 percent of total shipments) and textiles (12 percent). Others include: computers and electrical products (12 percent); shoes and footwear (7 percent) and machinery, instruments and accessories (6 percent).

What does China trade with Vietnam?

Major export items of Vietnam to China include smartphones, computers, machinery and wood, while imports include computers, machinery, materials for garment and footwear industries and smartphones. Vietnam’s largest trade partner is also a leading foreign investor.

Who is Vietnam largest trading partner?

China Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%) United States 61,404 23.21 China 41,434 15.66 Japan 20,427 7.72 Korea, Rep. 19,729 7.46.

Why is fishing important in Vietnam?

Fisheries is a very important sector for the development of Viet Nam taking into account its contribution to the achievement of food security, the alleviation of poverty, sustainable livelihood creation, economic growth and in the generation of rural employment.

Is Basa safe to eat Canada?

Americans say it comes from the polluted Mekong River, while the Australians say that the fish comes from fish farms near the Mekong River and is highly recommended. We need your advice. We don’t fish for it in Canada. Basa, also called swai and a few other names, is native to Southeast Asia.

What is the number 1 export of Vietnam?

Vietnam Top Export Goods Sl. No. Export Product Value (USD) 1 Electrical machinery 96 billion 2 Footwear, gaiters 18.9 billion 3 clothing accessories, not knitted, and crocheted 15.1 billion 4 clothing accessories, not knitted, and crocheted 14.8 billion.

How much does Vietnam export and Import?

Overall Exports and Imports for Vietnam 2019 The total value of exports (FOB) is US$ 264,610 million. The total value of imports (CIF) is US$ 253,442 million. At the HS6 digit level, 3,784 products are exported to 97 countries and 4,359 products are imported from 97 countries.

What crops does Vietnam export?

Due to the trade liberalization and agricultural reforms in Vietnam, the value of exports in the agricultural sector increased manifold with the main export commodities being rice, coffee, pepper and cashew nut, but also rubber, tea, groundnut, soybean, fruit and vegetables, and pork.

What does Vietnam trade with the US?

U.S. imports from Vietnam account for 3.4 percent of overall U.S. imports in 2020. The top import categories (2-digit HS) in 2020 were: electrical machinery ($27 billion), furniture and bedding ($9.9 billion), knit apparel ($7.1 billion), machinery ($6.8 billion), and footwear ($6.5 billion).

Are companies moving out of China?

In fact, research firm Gartner revealed last year that a third of supply chain leaders had plans to move at least some of their manufacturing out of China before 2023. Coronavirus-related sales slumps and supply chain disruption, as well as rising production costs, have also hastened the exodus.

What is the biggest industry in Vietnam?

Leading the list of top industries in Vietnam is obviously information technology industry, which is followed by manufacturing, tourism, logistics, construction and agriculture.

What is Vietnam’s main import?

Vietnam main imports are computers, electrical products and parts (18 percent of total imports) and machine, instruments and accessories (16 percent). Others include: telephones, mobile phones and parts thereof (8 percent); textile fabrics (5 percent) and iron and steel (4 percent).

What is Vietnam main source of income?

The majority of Vietnam’s export revenues are generated by crude petroleum, garments, footwear, and seafood, and electronic products are of growing importance.

How many fish are in Vietnam?

The country has a long coastline of 3,260 km and the waters abound with 2,038 species of marine fishes of which about 130 species have commercial value, and 30 species are regularly exploited by capture fisheries.

How much fish does Vietnam produce?

In 2020, the production volume of seafood in Vietnam reached about 8.4 million metric tons. In that year, fish accounted for the largest part of the volume of seafood produced in the country.

What is the healthiest fish to eat?

1. SALMON. Salmon is the prom queen of fish — that is, super popular. The fat in salmon (especially wild-caught salmon) is the “good” kind, and has lots of calcium and vitamin D, says DeRocha.

Where does Aldi basa come from?

Basa is mainly imported from Vietnam, where it is farmed in the Mekong River.

Is tilapia and basa the same?

Farmed tilapia, basa, and swai are all freshwater fish. Tilapia fish variants can be found in freshwater bodies throughout the world. Basa and swai, on the other hand, are found in the Mekong River in Vietnam.

Which area did Vietnam import most?

Imports The top imports of Vietnam are Integrated Circuits ($27.1B), Telephones ($13.7B), Refined Petroleum ($6.92B), Light Rubberized Knitted Fabric ($5.3B), and Semiconductor Devices ($4.38B), importing mostly from China ($91.1B), South Korea ($47.8B), Japan ($16.3B), Thailand ($11.8B), and Chinese Taipei ($11.4B).

What are Vietnam major imports and exports?

Top 10 Electrical machinery, equipment: US$96 billion (34.3% of total imports) Machinery including computers: $26.9 billion (9.6%) Plastics, plastic articles: $15.2 billion (5.4%) Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $10 billion (3.6%) Iron, steel: $9.8 billion (3.5%) Mineral fuels including oil: $8.8 billion (3.1%).

How much does Vietnam export to America?

Vietnam Exports to United States was US$77.07 Billion during 2020, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

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