How Much Does A White Arowana Fish Cost in the USA

Top 10 Most Expensive Fish For Aquarium In The World Fish Color Price Platinum Arowana White $400,000 Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray Black/Brown and White $100,000 Peppermint Angelfish Red and White $30,000 Masked Angelfish Black and White $20,000.

How much do arowana fish cost?

Prized for its glimmering scales and sinuous body, the Asian arowana is one of the world’s most expensive aquatic creatures, with some rumored to fetch up to $300,000, according to Emily Voigt, author of “The Dragon Behind the Glass: A True Story of Power, Obsession, and the World’s Most Coveted Fish.” While not all Sep 29, 2018.

What color is the most expensive arowana?

The Asian arowana, also known as the dragon fish, is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. The fish is considered a valuable commodity for its red and gold colors — one was rumored to have sold for $300,000 in 2009.

Why is arowana expensive?

Tell us about the arowana—aka the dragon fish—and why it has become so valuable. The Asian arowana is the world’s most expensive aquarium fish. That resemblance has spawned the belief that the fish brings good luck and prosperity, which is why it has become a highly sought-after aquarium fish.

Is it illegal to own a arowana?

It is an endangered species. It’s protected by the US Endangered Species Act. So you can’t legally bring them into the United States as a pet. The Asian arowana is no ordinary pet fish.

Why are Arowanas illegal?

The arowana most often called dragon fish, the Asian arowana (Scleropages spp.), is illegal to own in the United States due to conservation concerns. This applies to all species of Asian arowanas. Arowana species get far too large for most home aquariums.

What is the expensive arowana?

Asian Arowana – The most expensive aquarium fish Rare species, like the ones in West Kalimantan, recognizable by their color, reach the price of 1,500 dollars. Adult albino specimens are sold for the astronomical price of 70,000 dollars.

Which arowana is the best?

Golden Arowana (Scleropages formosus) Probably the most famous Asian arowana of all, the golden arowana is one of the most coveted ornamental fish around the world. For real, yo! Native to Bukit Merah in Indonesia, the golden arowana is special because its shine extends all the way up to the sixth row of scales.

What’s the most expensive arowana?

Platinum Arowana – $400,000. Earning itself the top spot in the most expensive aquarium fish, is the platinum Arowana. All Arowanas come with big price tags in comparison to other fish, but the cost of this platinum variety is off the charts.

How much is a platinum arowana?

Platinum Arowana – $400,000 The Platinum Arowana is one of the most expensive fish in the aquarium industry because of its beautiful color and the difficulty in breeding it in captivity. These fish have been known to sell for over $400,000.

How long arowana fish live?

(The fish’s average life span is 10 to 15 years; if you want an arowana that will last a little longer, check out this arowana sculpture—made of jade, opal, and marble—selling on eBay for $5.8 million.) That the coveted species is endangered only adds to its intrigue (some people have been arrested for smuggling them).

What size tank do Arowanas need?

A juvenile arowana can be raised in a 60 gallon tank, while a full size arowana requires at least 250 gallons. You’ll also want to consider keeping their tank in a low traffic area of your home. Due to arowana’s skittish nature, they need plenty of space without sudden movements or bright lights.

What is the luckiest fish?

Types of Fish For an indoor feng shui aquarium, we typically recommend goldfish, which are a type of carp. They are especially auspicious because of their gold color, which calls in wealth and good luck.

Where are Arowanas legal?

‘ is ‘no’ unless it’s an Asian Arowana. There is no law banning Silver Arowanas in the United States (unless you live in Oklahoma). However, things are not quite as simple as they may seem with both of these coveted fish.

Can you buy Arowana?

But arowanas are illegal to purchase in the United States. Arowanas are colorful — they can be red, green or gold or other colors — and grow to lengths of up to three feet. In places like Singapore, wealthy people covet arowanas, and it’s considered one of the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

How big do Silver Arowanas get?

Size: It can grow to a maximum length of 47 inches (120 cm), in the wild. Behavior: It jumps out of the water to capture its prey while swimming near the water surface. Swims rather snake-like. Diet: Their diet consists of crustaceans, insects, small fish and other animals that float on the water surface.

How much is a Dragonfish?

The World’s Most Coveted Pet Fish Costs $300,000. The Asian arowana (a.k.a. dragon fish) is a tropical freshwater fish that grows to be up to three feet long. Believed by the Chinese to bring good luck and prosperity, it was added to a list of protected species in the 1970s (largely because it’s slow to reproduce).

Whats the most expensive fish?

The Five Most Expensive Types of Fish in the World Platinum Arowana – $430,000. The most expensive fish in the world in the Platinum Arowana. Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray – $100,000. Peppermint Angelfish – $30,000. Masked Angelfish – $30,000. Bladefin Basslet – $10,000.

What is the most expensive fish in the Philippines?

Ludong, also known as the president’s fish or Pacific Salmon for its delectable taste, is being sold for at least P6,000 a kilo, making it the country’s most expensive fish.

What is the smallest arowana?

There is no such thing as “small” arowana fish. Irrespective of its species, any arowana, with the right tank size, diet and water quality can reach upto 3ft in length.

What fish can be kept with arowana?

Silver Arowana Tank Mates Large catfish. Parrotfish. Jaguar Cichlid. Pacu (if the tank is large enough) Silver Dollar Fish. Large Plecos. Bichir. Green Terror Cichlid.

How big do Arowanas get?

Arowana Facts Average Adult Size Up to 2 feet, depending on species Average Life Span depends on species Diet carnivore Minimum Aquarium Size 150+ gallons, depending on species Water Temperature: 72-82°F.

Can arowana live with koi?

You can most certainly keep arowana with koi fish but you will have to be careful. There are certain precautions to be taken . Make sure the koi is as big as big or slightly bigger then your arowana, or atleast bigger than its mouth.

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