How Long Can Discus Fish Live in the USA

-When starting a Discus fish aquarium expect them to be part of your life for a while. With proper care Discus fish will live an average 6 to 8 years.

How long do discus fish live in captivity?

Home aquarium In home aquariums, discus live for an average of 10 years, but can live up to 15 years, and can grow up to 8 inches.

Are discus really that hard to keep?

Discus fish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the hobby, known for their spectacular colors and large, circular shape. However, they’re notorious for being extremely difficult to keep, with Internet forums often recommending strict practices like 100% water changes every day.

How long can a discus go without eating?

Discus fish larger than 10 cm and other semi-grown fish can survive quite well without food for 2-3 weeks. Larger and older fish can survive even longer, from 1 to 2 months.

How do you keep discus fish alive?

These fish are very difficult to keep Keep them in groups, as they are a shoaling species. Provide them with chemically clean water. Undertake weekly water changes of a minimum 25%. Install a fully mature biological filter. Maintain a consistent pH and hardness, as advised by the supplier.

Do discus really need daily water changes?

Discus fish don’t require daily water changes unless they are juveniles, and you want to grow them to their maximum potential. However, they still need frequent water changes, and you should certainly do it if you want to raise a healthy, big, and beautiful fish.

Can angelfish live with discus?

Angelfish are usually peaceful, but they can be aggressive when feeding and breeding. Discus fish are docile and may be deprived of food by angelfish. You can put them together but make sure the discus fish is eating.

Is discus peaceful?

Discus are generally calm, peaceful fish, but as cichlids, they can be aggressive toward one another, especially when attempting to pair off and spawn. Shy or submissive fish should be removed if they are unable to compete. Most serious hobbyists do not mix their discus with too many other species.

Can you keep discus in tap water?

Tap Water. The fish are bred in soft-water, but raised in German tap water and have been so since 1966. You can of course if you live in a soft water area or want to use RO water also keep them in soft water. Stendker Discus will acclimatise to any ph between 5 and 8, 7 to 7.

Does discus starve death?

With this length of time not eating, Discus fish will lose body mass, their belly will appear skinny or caved in. Once Discus fish loses body mass above the lateral line, giving the Discus a pinched in appearance along its spine, this will be the point of no return and the fish will succumb to death from starvation.

Can discus see in dark?

In the aquarium, discus fish need very little light. Ambient light will likely provide enough illumination for the fish in most cases. However, despite their fondness for darkness, they do come from the tropics — so make sure they receive 10 to 12 hours of light a day. Just make certain it’s dim light.

Is salt good for discus fish?

It is believed to help the slime coat of fish, acting as prophylactic protection against external protozoan parasites. Dosage can range from one tablespoon for every gallon, to one tablespoon per 10 gallons. Standard dose is between one tablespoon for 5 to 10 gallons.

Can I keep 4 discus?

Keep at least 4-6 discus in your main tank whenever possible. As a shoaling species that naturally congregates in groups, discus are not suited to solitary living. You should keep a minimum group of 4-6 discus in your main tank, and add more discus in groups of 4-6 as well.

Can discus live in cold water?

Symphysodon discus, the Heckel Discus, lives in water with an average temperature of 28.6°C/83.5°F. The highest I measured was 31.7°C/89°F in one biotope and the lowest was 25°C/77°F. S. discus is a blackwater species. The highest I measured was 31°C/87.8°F and the lowest in its biotope was 24.6°C/76.3°F.

What is the best food for discus fish?

The 6 Best Food for Discus Fish – Reviews 2021 Hikari USA Inc. Tropical Discus Bio-Gold – Best Overall. Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes – Best Value. Sera 307 Discus Granules – Premium Choice. Cobalt Discus Hans Flakes. Ocean Nutrition Discus Flakes. Omega One Discus Sinking Pellets.

What filter is best for discus fish?

Canister filters are a top choice for Discus aquariums because they can be filled with a range of media to create optimal water conditions. Also, to help prevent the loss of Discus young, a sponge pre-filter should be placed on the canister filter intake.

How often do discus lay eggs?

This stage requires patience and careful monitoring. When and if the discus spawn in this stage, they will lay eggs every week for up to fifteen weeks. This cycle usually occurs twice a year and can be rigged with careful adjustment of feeding, temperature and water conditions.

Can discus live with Betta?

At first, the thought of keeping betta fish with discus might not seem like the best idea. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad pairing. Successfully mixing betta fish with discus is definitely possible.

How many discus Can I put in a 55 gallon tank?

3-5 discus should be doable in a 55gal aquarium as long as water changes are kept up with. A general rule you can follow is one discus per 10 gallons. Since these fish are tall, do not keep them in shallow tanks.

Can guppies live with discus?

These discus-shaped fish are a graceful and colorful addition to a guppy fish tank. They enjoy a planted aquarium and will thrive on a carnivorous diet. The only issue with keeping these fish together is that they water temperature requirements don’t perfectly match up. Discus fish enjoy warmer water than guppy fish.

Can discus live in 78 degrees?

“Do not keep your discus in water under 85 degrees or THEY WILL DIE!” He must have accidentally sent me an arctic discus species, because even at 78 degrees, they’re completely fine. Quite a number of folks have breed them at 82F, clearly not too wimpy if they are breeding at such temps.

How often should you feed discus fish?

The question we are asked most often is, “What do you feed your discus, and how often do you feed them.” Discus enjoy a varied diet consisting of high-quality nutrients, but they also like their goodies. Adult discus are fed twice daily, and younger fish are fed three times a day or more.

What does the word discus mean?

Definition of discus : a heavy disk (as of wood or plastic) that is thicker in the center than at the perimeter and that is hurled for distance as a track-and-field event also : the event.

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