Can Fish Eat Reptomin in the USA

Is Reptomin safe for fish?

Reptomin is mostly fillers which would be found in very cheap, low-grade betta pellets. I would not feed it to a betta because of that despite the high protein content. Omega One Betta Buffet has 42% protein as well and is highly recommended on betta fish forums (As is NLS small fish formula/betta formula).

Can goldfish eat Reptomin?

Turtle Food such as Reptomin isn’t harmful to goldfish, but it should not be used as a substitute for actual goldfish food. It is generally higher in protein, and it may not have the correct balance of micro-nutrients to keep your goldfish healthy.

Can I feed my fish turtle food?

Conclusion. So if to conclude fish can eat turtle food. It is not dangerous for fish to feed on a diet made for turtles, but it’s better when the fish are given fresh vegetables and fruit as well sometimes so they don’t become lethargic from lack of nutrients.

Can I feed my betta fish turtle food?

Yes! There are certain commercial turtle foods made for turtles that contain a lot of protein, which makes them metabolize as well in fish. Finding one with these properties is the key to feeding your fish well.

Can koi fish eat turtle food?

Try not to feed them commercial turtle food as a staple and alternate day to day between a vegetable food and a meaty food. Examples of vegetable foods are feed lettuce and aquatic plants like Elodea and spinach. Types of meats they can eat are live crickets, earthworms and ghost shrimp.

Do I need to feed the fish in my turtle tank?

A good rule of thumb is to, if you really want to, let your turtles have some feeder fish once or twice a month. Some owners have suggested that once a week is fine, but that is still far more often than any turtle would eat in the wild.

What is poisonous to goldfish?

Symptoms: Usually death of the fish or gasping at the surface. Apart from Epsom salts and non-iodized salt, presume all other chemicals are poisonous to goldfish. The most common sources of chemical poisoning are washing liquid/detergent and soaps after equipment is cleaned. Never use chemicals to clean an aquarium.

What can you feed fish if you run out of fish food?

Cooked vegetables (peas, cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots, etc.), boiled or steamed, are great food alternatives to fish food flakes once in a while for your omnivorous and herbivorous aquarium fish. You can even feed some fish (goldfish and koi in particular) cooked rice or oatmeal.

Can I feed my turtle frozen shrimp?

Keeping the shrimp frozen means that there is little chance of the shrimp spoiling. You also need to make sure that the raw shrimp is the right size to be fed to your turtle. If the shrimp is too big, they might have a hard time eating.

How long can a turtle go without eating?

In terms of days, a turtle can survive around 160 days without food. However, they must also have access to water during this time period as well as a healthy amount of light.

What should you not feed turtles?

Feeding wild-caught fish and amphibians is not recommended, as they may contain parasites and other infectious organisms that may affect the turtle. Raw meat, fish, or chicken from the grocery store does not contain a balance of calcium and phosphorus for a turtle and is not recommended as a food source for turtles.

Can a red eared slider eat fish?

So, what do red eared slider turtles eat? Living in the wild, red eared slider turtles feed on aquatic vegetation, little fish, and material that is decaying such as frogs and dead fish. The young turtles are mainly carnivorous and become more omnivorous as they grow into adults.

Are betta fish toxic to turtles?

No, you cannot keep a betta fish and turtle together even if it’s temporary. If you try to put a betta fish with any type of turtle species, odds are that your fish won’t last even the week.

What fish can live with turtles?

Some good suggestions for fish to live with musk turtles include: Tetras, Guppies, Angel fish, and Zebra fish.

How long do betta fishes live?

In the wild, they are less territorial due to the large space they live in – they will only spar, not fight to the death. Betta fish grow to be no longer than 3 inches, typically. Their usual lifespan is 2-5 years. They have brilliantly colored fins, and various tail types.

Are turtles bad for koi ponds?

Most turtles will have sharp claws that can damage your pond’s liners and base. If you have a beautiful water garden that you don’t want your turtle to munch on, make sure that you keep the reptile well-fed. Despite all of this, it is still possible to have both koi and turtles in your backyard oasis.

What animals can live with koi fish?

List of the Best Koi Pond Mates 1) Goldfish (Carassius auratus) 2) Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) 3) Suckermouth catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) 4) Redear sunfish (Lepomis microlophus) 5) Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) 6) Chinese high-fin banded shark (Myxocyprinus asiaticus) 7) Orfe (Leuciscus idus).

Can I put turtles in my pond?

Turtles can make an excellent addition to your pond, although they do need considerable care and are not suitable for children. The best type is aquatic, as they will rapidly acclimate themselves to the pond environment.

Do turtles get lonely?

Do pet turtles get lonely if they don’t have a companion? No! The fact is that turtles will be totally fine on their own. They don’t need to share a tank with another turtle to be happy and content, and you don’t need to worry about turtle loneliness!Dec 8, 2020.

Can crayfish live with turtles?

Overall crayfish can work with larger turtles but need more cover and there are many dangers present but if you are willing to take the risk then it’s a great option. There are many fish that are kept with turtles some good some bad.

Do all turtles eat fish?

Do turtles eat fish? In the wild, turtles eat a variety of things including worms, small insects, snails, and fish. Wild turtles are mainly carnivorous when they are young because their bodies require protein in order to grow. Pet turtles, depending on their size and age, enjoy small fish like minnows and gold fish.

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