Can Emerald Cory Be With Other Cory Fish in the USA

The Emerald Green Cory are considered a peaceful community fish and can be kept with most other types of community fish that are peaceful and not too large. They are not aggressive and are good with tankmates that are peaceful and not too large.

Can I mix different corydoras?

No, do not mix Cory Cat Breeds. If their are five or more different types of Cory Cats in a single tank, they combine into one Super Cory Cat (Like Voltron).

Do all cory catfish get along?

Pepper Cory Pepper Corys are perhaps the most commonly kept member of this family and are widely available at pet shops everywhere. They are peaceful and get along with virtually all fish, but should not be kept with large aggressive species.

Do Cory catfish kill each other?

All cory catfish species are very peaceful and will not attack their tank mates, they will also hide when threatened. This makes them easy to pair with most community fish (more on this later). However, some species are venomous and if highly stressed they can produce toxins that can kill everything in the tank.

Are emerald and bronze corydoras the same?

Bronze corydoras (C. aeneus) will have the same body shape and everything as albinos, just with green/brown coloration. Emerald corys (Brochis) are much taller bodied, get larger, usually have a longer/pointier snout/nose.

Can I have 2 Cory catfish?

While Cory Cats can survive alone, they seem much happier in a group of two or more. Two Cory Cats of the same type will often stay close to one another as they move throughout the tank to feed. This is especially true when they rest.

How many Cory catfish should be kept together?

As a relatively small fish, they crave safety in numbers, so a group of six corydoras or more (all of the same species) is highly suggested. These peaceful bottom dwellers can be kept with pretty much any community fish that won’t eat or attack them.

How big do Emerald corys get?

Social behavior: Peaceful; requires a school of 6 or more to thrive. Origin: Tank-Bred, but indigenous throughout South America. Average adult size: 2.8 – 3.2 inches (7 – 8 cm) Average purchase size: 1+ inch (2.5+ cm).

Is 3 Cory catfish enough?

Tank Size: Cory Catfish are pretty small fish. Technically, a single Cory should be fine in a ten gallon tank. The problem is that Corydoras are not happy when kept by themselves. Since they are schooling fish, Cory catfish should be kept in groups of 5 or more.

How many corys are in a 10 gallon?

You can put between two and four cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank. A one-inch cory catfish generally requires at least one gallon of water to live comfortably. Depending on the species, cory catfish can grow to be 2–4 inches long. Keep that in mind when considering your tank size and how many corys to bring home.

Can corydoras live with bettas?

As you can see Corydoras catfish and bettas make great tank mates. While bettas will stay at the top of your tank, for the most part, Corydoras’ will stick to the bottom. Here are some of the main points to remember when introducing Corydoras’ to bettas. Corydoras’ need a pH between 7.0-7.8 and bettas need a pH of 7.

Can Cory catfish go with Plecos?

Corydoras This is another catfish species, that works well together with Plecos. Make sure the aquarium is at least 10-gallons in volume, and the other water parameters (temperature and pH LEVEL) are all the same as Plecos have. Corydoras will grow to 2.5 inches long.

Do Cory catfish eat snails?

Cory Catfish They probably will not eat snails, though some say they will eat small ones. However, they are industrious scavengers that may eat or damage snail eggs. These guys do a solid job of general tank maintenance all around, and so they are always a good fish to have in a community tank.

How long do Emerald Cory catfish live?

The Emerald Catfish is a larger member of the Corydoras family, reaching between 2 3/4 – 3 inches (7 – 8.4 cm) in length in the aquarium, though a large female can reach about 3 1/2 inches (9.0 cm). They have a lifespan of up to 13 years in a properly maintained aquarium.

What do Emerald Green Cory catfish eat?

The Emerald Green Cory Cat will eat food that has settled to the bottom of the aquarium. However, supplemental foods such as bloodworms, tubifex, flake food, or sinking carnivore pellets should be offered to ensure proper nutrition.

What water temperature do cory catfish like?

Water Requirements for Corydoras A pH between 7.0 and 8.0, alkalinity between 3° and 10° dKH (54ppm to 180ppm) and temperature between 74° and 80° F are ideal conditions for most captive bred Cory cats and their relatives.

Can Cory catfish eat tropical flakes?

Cory catfish are well known among aquarists for their many ornamental species. They are not aggressive and are well suited to tropical freshwater community aquariums. That said, cories also enjoy crushed up fish flake, bottom feeders tablets, shrimp pellets, and weekly treats of freeze-dried or live cyclops and worms.

What is the biggest Cory catfish?

The Banded Cory is the largest known member of the Corydoras family and it is also one of the most beautifully marked! The Banded Cory Catfish (Scleromystax barbatus), also known as the Bearded Cory Catfish, is a very distinct and exceptional member of the Corydoras catfish family.

What size tank do cory catfish need?

Your catfish’s new home. Cory catfish, which grow to be about 4 inches long, can live in 5 to 10-gallon tanks. Larger catfish require at least a 30-gallon tank.

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