Are The Times In Pal Fish Am Or Pm

What are peak hours for Palfish?

Peak hours are Monday-Sunday 6pm-9pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am-10pm in Beijing time. Teachers are not required to work full shifts, just to ensure 3.5 hours during the peak times.

Is Palfish hiring right now?

Palfish is currently on a hiring spree, and are in search of teachers who can be part of their Official Kids Program. They are also hiring teachers for adult classes too.

How much can you make from Palfish?

So, How Much Can You Make With PalFish? The short answer is, PalFish official teachers used to earn about $15 – $22 per hour, but now the rate has changed to about $11 – $17+/hour depending on the exchange rate.

Is Palfish a Chinese company?

What is Palfish? Palfish is an online ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching company located in Beijing China. The company connects native-speaking teachers to students of all ages to learn English using their online platform.

How long does it take to get verified on Palfish?

The verification process will take up to 2 business days. Please DON’T message us to rush your application, and you don’t need to inform us that you have completed your application. If you have any questions regarding how to use the App, please read “A Guide to Palfish”.

Can I use Palfish on my laptop?

You can only teach from a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. The app does not work with desktops or laptops. The Official Kids Course requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week.

Can you make a living on Palfish?

If you’re looking to make money from home online, teaching English on a platform like Palfish can be a good option for you. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to make money from home. Luckily, with the wide range of online jobs and opportunities, it’s possible. And Palfish is one of those opportunities!Oct 31, 2020.

How do I attract students on Palfish?

Ask them about their day. Take an interest in their interests, hobbies, and families. Have more free talk time in class and ask extension questions related to the lesson topics to find out more about your students likes and dislikes. Also – Let them be silly every now and then!Apr 13, 2021.

What is freetalk on PalFish?

Palfish free talk is essentially a way for adult English learners to practice their speaking skills with a fluent speaker. English speakers and learners make accounts on the app and can connect with each other to chat. To find clients, teachers can use the app like they would social media.

Is teaching on Palfish easy?

It ultimately proved to be a fairly easy way to make a supplemental income online and required little work outside of the actual lessons I taught. As a lazy gal, I enjoyed the ease of getting started on the PalFish app and found that the Palfish teacher application was also pretty painless.

How do I make the most money on Palfish?

Palfish often run competitions to earn points, and bonuses. If you teach over 40 lessons a month, with no cancellations, you also earn a 200 yuan bonus! You receive points from teaching, referrals, students cancellations and perfect attendance. So it’s small and steady processes, but it does keep an income coming in!.

Is Palfish free talk worth it?

If you are looking for a casual online teaching position Palfish Freetalk is perfect. It is a great way to make additional income. Working as a Freetalk teacher on Palfish is a great source of income while traveling too. It requires minimum effort and zero props.

How is Italki?

italki is the most flexible and affordable place to find a tutor for the language you’re learning. They have a huge number of teachers offering classes to students of over 100 different languages. As a learner, you’ll be able to find a tutor that best fits your learning style, schedule, and personality.

Is Cambly or Palfish better?

Cambly and Palfish are very similar in a lot of ways and offer superior levels of flexibility compared to a lot of other teaching companies. In terms of pay, Palfish is a much better option but requires slightly more commitment than Cambly.

What are the students in Palfish?

Once you begin to sell trial packages and start marketing yourself on the app, you will see an increase in booking from Official Kids Course students. These are students who have signed up for PalFish, so, if you’re lucky, you’ll get regulars.

What is PF1 in Palfish?

? For teachers who haven’t taught any classes at PalFish yet, they need to finish the compulsory process of preparation (PF1 to PF4) to enable themselves to accept trial appointments.

Does PalFish do a background check?

To become a Palfish Free Talk teacher, you must have an English teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL, or others). You do not need to be a native English speaker, and you don’t need a degree. A Palfish age requirement for teachers also doesn’t seem to exist, but there is a Palfish background check.

How do you pass basic information on PalFish?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here’s that step-by-step guide for applying to teach English online on the PalFish app! Download the PalFish App. Sign Up for PalFish. Set Up Your PalFish Profile. Complete the Demo Lesson + PalFish Interview. Take and Pass the PalFish Quiz. Teacher Info and Certificate Verification.

Does PalFish require a degree?

Requirements: You do not need a degree, certification, nor working experience to work at Palfish, but you do need to be fluent in English. Just send a video with your application, and if you’re enthusiastic, friendly, and hard working, you are guaranteed a spot on the Palfish team.

Is Cambly legit?

Cambly is a really great filler company if your bookings are low in another company. You can literally be available as many or as little hours as you’d like to be. You don’t even have to set a fixed schedule or fixed availability if you don’t want to. The students are mostly adults and don’t expect much.

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